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Help fund a meeting room for Secular Sobriety - Ottawa
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Centre for Inquiry - Canada
SOS Ottawa is part of the Secular Organizations for Sobriety, an international network of peer support groups providing a non-religious alternative for those struggling to recover from addiction.
$1,040 target
days left

About this project
The Secular Sobriety Group of Ottawa (SOS Ottawa) provides an alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous in the Ottawa area. SOS (Secular Organizations for Sobriety) is an international network of peer support groups for those struggling to recover from addiction. Our Ottawa group was originally founded in 2007, but has recently been re-started

What does SOS Ottawa do?
SOS Ottawa has helped a number of individuals who regularly attend meetings to stay clean and sober. In the last two months, two people have been encouraged to get proper medical treatment for withdrawal and provided ongoing assistance and support to help them maintain their sobriety. We are currently trying to help another person stay off the streets and get clean. In addition to the immediate benefit to the individuals involved, our work benefits the local community, and ultimately society as a whole.

SOS was founded in 1985 as a secular alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous. SOS Ottawa uses elements of the SMART (Self-Management and Recovery Training http://www.smartrecovery.org) recovery program, based on cognitive behavioural therapy. Instead of reliance on “God” or a "higher power", as in AA's 12-step program, the SOS approach emphasizes the personal responsibility and the power of each individual to overcome their addiction. We are a peer-support group and encourage contact between members outside of meetings. We offer structured meetings with opportunities for all attendees to share and discuss. The most recent medical science on addiction is also available and open for discussion among members.

What can you do?
SOS Ottawa has recently has found a permanent place to meet so that we can continue our important work, while providing stability and predictability for those working through their addiction recovery. The Daily Grind Café in Ottawa has a large private room upstairs and has offered us the use of their space at the discounted rate of $20 an evening.  We need to raise $1040 to cover our annual cost for this meeting space.
Project Impact
Your contribution will help people who otherwise have little alternative to the religious approach of Alcoholics Anonymous.
Use of project funds
SOS Ottawa meets once a week, which means that one year of rent is $1040. Anything we raise up to this amount will be put towards rent for the room for SOS Ottawa. Anything we raise above this amount will go towards SOS Ottawa’s educational and community programming.

Other Ways You Can Help
We hope you can donate – even $5 or $10 helps, but whether you can donate or not, please share this campaign with friends, family and colleagues. For more information on SOS across Canada, visit http://cficanada.ca/sos-secular-sobriety For more about the background and history of SOS, visit http://www.cfiwest.org/sos/index.htm

Donations are tax deductible – to receive a tax receipt from CFI Canada, please indicate this in the comments and provide your full name, address and phone number.
Project milestones
SOS Ottawa has been holding weekly meetings since August, using interim funding provided by Centre for Inquiry - Ottawa.  Your generous donation will contribute to one year of rent for the SOS Ottawa meeting space.
donated of $1,040
days to go
This project is eligible for tax receipts
Project ended successfully on 11:11PM December 8, 2013 PST
CFI Canada works to: Combat the harm of superstition, pseudoscience and religion by advancing the values of reason, science and secularism through education, activism and community.