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Take Back the Wild – an advocacy training program for youth
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Candian Parks and Wilderness Society- BC
CPAWS-BC is launching Take Back the Wild – an advocacy training program - on October 12 to 14, 2012 as the first stage of a new initiative to identify, connect and engage a new generation of conservation leaders.
Vancouver, BC
$4,064 target
days left

About this project

Take Back the Wild- Conservation Advocacy Training

British Columbia is known worldwide for its breathtaking vistas, stunning coastlines, and forests that stretch further than the eye can see.  But sadly, the wild places that make B.C. so beautiful are under threat from development, industry, pollution and a myriad of other causes.  It is the younger generations who will feel the impacts of environment degradation, but they are also the ones who can stand up for the beautiful wilderness in our province.  They are the ones who will take back the wild. 

Take Back the Wild Advocacy Training will provide a diverse group of activists aged 18 to 30 with the professional training they need to become the next generation of leaders in the conservation movement.  Participants will gain hands-on training in community engagement techniques, government relations, and media interaction while being empowered to take action against environmental issues in B.C.

Participants will leave the weekend with the capacity and expertise to design and implement an effective conservation campaign. They will then have the opportunity to work on a relevant campaign of their choice, where they can build on their expertise and leadership skills and share them with the rest of the province.  To ensure their campaigns are a success participants will take part in a six month mentorship program with a leading conservationists.   

Project Impact

Take Back the Wild will:

  • Provide an opportunity for a younger generation to discover their ability to influence their future, turn ideas into actions and inspire others to do the same.
  • Train up and coming conservation leaders and inspire them to become active in campaigns that will protect important ecosystems in B.C.  
  • Empower young adults to become passionate about wilderness conservation and to take action to protect B.C.’s wild places because they know what is at stake and they will have the skills and knowledge that are required to plan and execute a success conservation campaign.  

Use of project funds

Your donation through Weeve will enable us to make Take Back the Wild free for all participants because we strongly feel that young activists, regardless of socio-economic status, should have the opportunity to gain conservation campaign skills.  $2544 will go towards accommodations for out of town participants and $1520 will cover meal costs for all participants attending the three-day training.   

Project milestones

Host Take Back the Wild Advocacy Training School- October 12-14th 2012, Participants will attend a three day hands-on advocacy training program.

Campaigns- Oct 2012- April 2013 Participants will engage with each other for six months on a specific conservation campaign to put their skills into action. 

Conservation Mentorship- October 2012- April 2013 Participants Experienced conservationists will provide guidance to participants to ensure their campaigns are successful.  

donated of $4,064
days to go
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Project ended successfully on 10:10PM May 15, 2013 PDT
CPAWS protects wilderness in every corner of B.C. and deep into the ocean. We create and safeguard large parks, protected areas and wilderness corridors – places like the Tatshenshini, Muskwa Kechika, Northern Rockies, Pacific Rim, Gwaii Haanas and Bowie Seamount.