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About Us
Weeve is a community of change agents. Our free, simple and secure platform connects businesses, individuals and nonprofit organizations together in order to generate positive social change, one community at a time
Join us today to change your community and redefine giving. :)
The Weeve Team
Alex Chuang
Social Entrepreneur, Idea Agent, Connector of Awesomeness. I like pop-up books.
Vincent Chu
Software and Design
Rails ninja, user experience and design enthusiast, avid gamer.
Trevor Loke
Park Board Commissioner, CuttingEdgesYVR goalie, & (world's pickiest) Vegetarian.
Daniel Maki
Social Media
Student of politics and history, feminist, activist, culture vulture, writer.
Vinay Solanki
Web developer, Gamer, Creator of systems. Ready to rock and roll in the tech renaissance.
Our Advisors
We are very fortunate to have the support of our advisers. They help us make good decisions, connect us with our community, and lend us their expertise, experience, and wisdom. They are truly the leaders and experts of their respective fields.
Joel Solomon
President, Renewal
"Weeve is a community for anyone who believes in positive social change."
John Horn
Associate Director, UBC
“Weeve represents the future of philanthropy.”
Lawell King
Sr. Director of Engineering, SAP
“Weeve allows nonprofits to achieve a new level of outreach, efficiency, and transparency.”